Trade Services - Service Offerings

img1.jpg, 3.8kB- Act as a procurement agency to assist importers and exporters develop trading relationships with buyers and suppliers.

- Act as import/export, commodity/goods broker.

- Act as principal trading intermediary between suppliers and buyers of commodities and goods.

- Arrange sources of trade finance and locate competitively priced letter of credit and discounting service providers.

- Products covered: Bulk commodities, consumable goods, industrial equipment and machinery, metals, chemicals, energy and agricultural products.

- Letter of credit document preparation and letter of credit advisory services.

- Procurement Registration: This service requires importers to become members of the STCS procurement offering in order to obtain quotations for the delivery of goods to the importers country. Importers will be required to pay for the goods by letter of credit issued or confirmed by an acceptable bank on pre-agreed terms. A one time membership fee of USD150 is payable to utilise the procurement service.